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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 10, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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1,000 adults sampled. 33% say the country is headed in the right direction. but 63% believe the opposite, that's obviously a big number. among independents just 26% like the direction of the country, a whopping 70% feel america son the decline. one group happy about the state of the union liberal democrats. 66% of them approve of the country's direction. 33% do not. now, the liberal statistic isn't surprising. president obama the democrats have changed the direction of the country as we reported yesterday, in just three years, president obama has increased the federal workforce 10 times as much as president reagan did in eight years. also the president is promoting a variety of nanny state programs which liberals love. but, for many folks, things are grim and the primary reason is, of course, the economy. it's not getting better. people are frightened. many american workers understand jobs their lives are likely to collapse. by the way, scared voters don't usually reelect
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incumbent politicians. nevertheless, the president remains popular on a personal basis. far outpolling mitt romney in that category. so even though most americans believe the u.s.a. is in trouble, the president is not yet down for the count. in addition to the awful economy, we are seeing a big social change in the country. younger americans especially are now dependent on the machines. in fact, many of them are addicted to high tech. when you have millions of citizens living in fantasy worlds, generated by personal computers, you have a distracted country. that's what happened to ancient rome. the population got so corrupt and apathetic that the powerful roman machine collapsed leading to hundreds of years of chaos across europe. america is not yet close to collapse, but we're in trouble. if president obama is reelected the national debt could rise to $20 trillion before he leaves office. we're also a divided nation. this presidential election is going to be close despite the pessimism. many americans now want
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government assistance and only 58% of american workers are currently paying any federal income tax at all. while president obama rails against the wealthy, it is the affluent who are carrying the vast financial burdennen in this country. all in all, these are not good days for the most powerful country on earth and some cynics believe we will not hold that mantel much longer. top story tonight. the house is debating right now whether debate obama care tax the rich policy. even some media sympathetic to mr. obama are skeptical about raising taxes on the wealthy by altering the bush tax cuts. >> the exact number came from j.p. morgan's chief economist that extending them for middle class americans under 250 and not for everyone else takes a full% off the g.d.p. likely to grow between 2 and 3%. looking to a third to a half of a g.d.p. could go away by not extending them for everyone. >> bill: joining us now from capitol hill congressman
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dennis kucinich, a democrat. i asked simple questions you know i'm a simple man. very simple questions. i want you to answer them without all the talking points and all of that okay? number one question, do you think, congressman, that raising taxes on the wealthy, 2%, is going to help the economy? >> if you reinstate the bush tax cuts, you are going to add $3 trillion to the deficit, bill. that has to be included in the calculations. >> bill: i don't understand that. because if you tax the wealthy, according to the treasury department at the rate the president wants to tax it, 36% going up to 39.6, you raise about $85 billion a year. do you know how long it takes the federal government, congressman, to spend $85 billion. >> what are we spending it on if we are spending on wars it's money out the door. >> bill: dupe, congressman, know how long it takes the federal government to spend 8 a billion dollars? >> i would say probably a couple weeks. >> bill: close. very good. 8 and a half days. so, all of the tax the rich
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stuff amounts to 85 billion a year and you guys spend that in 88 and a half days so it's a ruse, is it not. >> o'reilly let me try. this we could have taxes lower different monetary policies. the fact is the way the bank something in this country everyone ends up paying higher taxes. different direction on that. drive taxes down for everyone. >> bill: i would be willing to hear what you have to say. let's just keep it where the president has it right now. he is barn storming the country in iowa today, telling the folks that if we are able to increase taxes on the affluent 2%, with income tax, capital gains, revenue on interest rates and stuff on interest income like that, this is a solution to our economic problems. go back to question number 1. is raising the taxes on the affluent going to help the economy? >> it's not an economic
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policy. it is one measure. it's a policy -- and it's politics right now because this is an election season. >> bill: you are not going to sit here and tell me it's going to help the economy the tax raise. >> i will say if you have a tremendous tax break go to only people at the top i think that could hurt the economy, bill. >> bill: we don't have that in play all we have is keep what you have now same tax rates on the federal income tax basis. it doesn't seem to me that the democratic party, of which you are an important part, has any kind of way to get us out of the economic malaise. you guys don't have anything, do you? >> get people back to work and they pay taxes. >> bill: how how how? how are you going to get them back to work? how? >> i know this is heresy here, bill, public works, rebuild america. that's a good business investment. >> bill: it's not heresy to me. i understand the tennessee valley authority and fdr got that i'm an his torn. did you know that president obama in three years has hired
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ten times as many federal workers as president reagan did in eight years. did you know that? >> well, we don't know could it be homeland security or people helping on disaster relief? >> 10 times as many people to work as reagan did in eight years. the unemployment rate is stagnant. >> if it had been on building bridges. >> bill: whether does what difference does it make homeland security or building bridges it is a paycheck. >> rebuilding america's infrastructure real value that benefits everybody. >> bill: we are, the highway funds are there and the infrastructure is being built. but i'm trying to tell you that the democratic party doesn't have any policies. doesn't have any plan to get us out of this economic mess. >> well, and you're right to the extent that we need to have a clearly articulated policy. >> bill: right. you don't have anything. >> how why are going to get people back to work. how we are going to be able to reduce unnecessary federal spending. how to stimulate economic growth. reduce taxes for everyone
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without driving the deficit. i will go back to this, bill, monetary policy i would like to talk to you about it in depth some day. >> bill: it's probably way beyond my comprehension we can get cavuto in here he will understand it next question the republic platform seems to be that they're going to lower tanks just like ronald reagan did. remember, when reagan did all of that bringing the tax rate for the affluent down from 70% to 28%, the economy did revive. all right? so, romney is going to mirror the ghost of ronald reagan. that's their policy. do you see that as a failure? >> if it's going to accelerator wealth to the top in this country using the tax structure to do it that's wrong. it's unfair. it's not american. >> bill: all right. it's not economic with you. it's philosophical? >> well, it's both. >> bill: all right, congressman, we always appreciate your candor. thank you. a fourth of july parade mocking president obama. now there is big trouble because of it. crowley and colmes will weigh in. later, very controversial video that some child advocates believe may be criminal. viewer warning on this one.
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fourth of july prated huntsville, utah north of salt lake city causing controversy. take a look at the pictures. one of the floats mocked president obama there is the mask. signings on the float saying
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welcomes obama farewell tour. assault plan call eric holder. sheriff of the county actually called the secret service about the situation. here now monica crowley author of the big new best seller what the bleep just happened and alan colmes has upcoming book thank the liberals for saving america. [ laughter ] >> bill: we'll deal with that -- >> bill o'reilly statement on the front. >> bill: let's hold the drama there. just looks like freedom of speech to me. colmes. >> it is freedom of speech. it's supposedly parody and is a fire. these people have satired the left and the right. biggest offense is bad humor. it's not funny. but, you know, they have the right to do it. secret service should investigate it. if there is question about it. why waste taxpayer money on the secret service coming in to investigate? >> i don't see it as a threat. if the secret service service determines it's their job to determine if it's something to look into. if there is nothing to look into, it's over. the mayor apologized. >> bill: what about the
11:12 pm
appropriateness on the fourth of july with this display. >> that's my issue with it first amendment protects even bad taste. a lot of people in fact did think that was funny. i think fourth independence day is a sacred holiday. 355 other days you can make fun of president obama and prostitution scandal. i think the fourth of july is a time we set politics aside. >> bill: you would have told these people who did this on the float listen, why don't we just be positive about the country today. we're all americans. >> celebrate independence the fact sizes as courage. >> courage bill of indictment this country. we can do this parade tomorrow on the fifth of july. >> bill: do you understand, colmes, because you are dealing with talk radio forum and i'm sure you get callers like this. did i when i was in talk radio why people hate the other side? you know, because there are people real ho really if you disagree with them politically. no matter whether you are conservative or liberal. it doesn't matter, they hate you. i mean, we see t on the web
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site. >> sure. that's the best example. they hate you and they want to hurt you. do you get that? >> it gets personal. >> bill: why? why what is that? >> that's a great question. i think people are so impassioned about issues that effect them personally whether it's healthcare or whether it's taxes and we're dealing right now in this country with a series of issues that are very very personal. and a lot of information is being put out by both sides that is very controversial. >> bill: it's always been this way. bush, cheney, the left hated bush-cheney. now you have got obama, biden and the right doesn't like them. i think to the same extent that the left didn't like bush-cheney. the hatred is pretty bad. do you know because you do talk radio as well what drives that kind of vitriol. >> goes all the way back to the funding fathers. the founding fathers fathers wee incredibly vicious to each other with pamphlets and calling each out on various things. allen is right to the extent that these issues that determine the life of the nation, do inspire a lot of
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passion. i think the difference is and if you go back to say let's trace it back to the vietnam war. modern polarization, have you now various forms of media that tend to amplify the passions. first you had television and then you have the internet and now you have got all of these other outlets and it gives people anonymity so if you are on twitter you can be increasingly vicious. >> bill: here's the deal. i'm standing there in huntsville, utah on the fourth of july and here comes the float with some guy in an obama mask, say goodbye to the obama tour. now, do i care about that one way or the other? no. i don't. it's a dopey float. there they go. i look at it, i'm not angry, i'm not upset. i don't make a phone call. i don't do anything other than eat my hot dog and go home and watch the game. that's me. that doesn't matter. all right?
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other people got home called the mayor, secret service. everybody is upset. people are yelling at each other. >> do you suggest the secret service had no business looking into it. >> i don't think it's a credible threat the secret service job is to respond. >> bill: i would send a retired secret service agent on a freelance basis. one guy and you go take a look. >> this is something we have to look into to protect the president. >> bill: i would rather have the borders protected. >> i agree. isn't it the secret service's job. >> we haven't hit it. i think it's almost a mental disorder that people get so upset when people don't agree with him not only about politics. >> you can't discount there is a. >> oh bologna,. >> you can't some quarters. >> i don't know if they hate it. >> bush was white. they hated him, did they not? >> muslim, not part of america. >> can't discount that's part of the hatred toward obama.
11:16 pm
>> hate irrational in any arena. >> racism is irrational. >> allen you are acting like president obama is the first president to encounter. >> not every recidivism criticism of the president requires. >> not everyone. but some of it is. >> >> there are crazy people everywhere, okay? >> i agree. is there an element of racism against president obama? very small. was there an element of racism against dick cheney? >> you can't discount that with obama. >> bill: i'm discounting it. >> can't discount it. >> bill: john stossel going undercover to show how easy it is to get money on the street. and later an outrageous video now taken off youtube that may be harmful to this child. viewer warning we are going to show you some of it upcoming. i've always looked up to my brother.
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>> bill: stossel matters segment tonight. listen to this stat. 40 years ago 30 million americans were receiving food stamps. today 46 million are getting them. 53% rise under president obama. charles krauthammer will have some thoughts on the situation a bit later on. but, first, our pal john stossel went undercover to show how easy it is to get money without government help. >> that's me with a beard. thank you. >> i wanted to see how much money i could make. at first i tried the basic homeless and cold, anything will help sign. after half an hour i switched to this sign. >> can i get a beer? i had seen beggars trying this more honest or you might say funny approach. i didn't think anyone would give this guy money but i was wrong. >> i just begged for an hour but i did well. if i did this for an 8 hour day i would have made 90 bucks.
11:21 pm
23,000 for a year. tax-free. >> bill: here now is stossel. what did you learn from that? obviously that was done last winner it was 100 degrees in new york now. what did you learn from that? >> that some people just automatically give. that they feel good giving to beggars. i didn't think my beer sign would make money and make more man minimum wage. >> bill: you didn't ask people when they gave you money why they did it. >> sometimes. one guy did the right thing he said i won't give you money but i will help you go to an agency that will help you. that's what the so-called homeless organizations suggest. don't give to these people. they spend it on alcohol. >> bill: it's mostly addicted out there. there are people who are in trouble. the problem here in this country right now is, it's so easy to get on the doll, you just saw the stats for the food stamps. that now some people who need the food stamps to feed their children are mingling with a guy in michigan who won the
11:22 pm
lottery 2 million bucks is he on stood stamps, right? >> because michigan said well, we don't count assets if he took it as a regular payment he wouldn't be eligible but since it's lump sum it's an an asset. it's not just that the government has foolish rules. any big program will be cheated on. but over time is it gets worse. people start to feel like i'm a sucker. my friend is using it on the cruise line for booze, to gamble. i'm a sucker if i don't. they grow and grow. >> bill: just to clarify. if you have an income stream coming, in a salary coming, in then you can't get food stamps but if you have $20 million in the bank, but no money coming in as far as income is concerned send you food stamps. >> they decided not to count assets. >> bill: it's unbelievable. now, i think there has been a shift under the obama administration in the sense that this is more legitimate to take from the government now because that's the philosophy. they even advertise on the radio on billboards hey, get
11:23 pm
your food stamps likes the game. hey get your hot dogs. >> we are doing better outreach efforts. >> even the v.a., many more military vets now claim they are disabled. we asked how come it's gone from less than 10% to 45% of the afghanistan iran? our reach out efforts. >> bill: 45% of the vets who served in iraq. >> iraq or afghanistan. >> bill: are on some type of disability. >> 45%. >> bill: really? >> they list more ailments. he they used to list one ailment and now people list 10 to 12. >> bill: do you see a sense of entitlement among americans more now than did you five years ago? >> i don't meet enough people to compare but if your neighbors are doing it, you feel dumb if you don't. if your government is telling you you are a sucker if you don't take this. >> bill: the government doesn't really say you are a sucker if you don't take it make it easier for you to take it. >> and they say you are not
11:24 pm
getting what you are entitled to. plus, these lawyer ads who add to it help pay for our salaries at fox. were you injured? you are entitled. >> bill: that's a whole different scam though. >> same attitude. >> bill: because taxpayer money is now being, you know, $76 million a year is a billion. i got the stat from krauthammer. >> bill: on food stamps. you know,. >> we don't want anybody to starve. but, poor people have overweight problems in america. >> bill: that's because they buy all the starch and sugar with the food stamps they don't regulate what they buy. >> part of it. >> bill: are you going back out tonight in the disguise. >> every 10 years i will do that. >> bill: yeah, yeah. if you see somebody who looks like stossel, i didn't look like stossel. >> bill: i know. most controversial story of the evening. 6-year-old boy put in a terrible position by his own parents. we show you some of the video and it is offensive. then, is it legal on lance armstrong losing big in court
11:25 pm
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>> bill: protecting american children time job with awful stuff easily becoming available on the internet. albert round tree jr. was allowed by his own parents to make explicit video. before we roll the tape a, viewer warning. this may disturb you. ♪ you can be my super girl. ♪ i want to rock your world ♪ we can have a cool day. ♪ party at my place. >> can i make your booty pop. ♪ i can make your booty pop. ♪ booty pop. >> bill: youtube has removed that video and millions saw it and the damage is done. with us now dr. andrea mcclery a clinical psychologist and from boston dr. keith ablow a psychiatrist. what say you about this? >> i say what should be
11:29 pm
obvious from the video. it's child abuse. it's sexual abuse of a 6-year-old boy by the adult women who participated in making the video. any producer involved. and his parents who apparently gave permission for this to occur. >> bill: they did. now, the women aren't undressed. the women are in bathing suits they are riffing around and the kid is doing his rap. is he a professional by the way kid rapper. so why would you say this is a crime? crime has been committed? >> the crime is this: they are making sexual gestures towards him. nobody would pretend that if you walked up to a child on a beach and started to urge him to say these things while you danced in an erot particular fashion around him that you ought not be arrested for doing that. that would be child endangerment. that would be child neglect or abuse if the parents didn't step in. we have to decide as a country are we going to allow people
11:30 pm
to sexualize our kids to expose them to erotic energy and content because if we are going there, then the an abercrombie and fitch's of the world who sell padded bras to girls are going to win the girls. >> i think it's asinine to call this child abuse. 1.5 million children each year are the victim of child abuse and neglect. out of those five a day will i do. we cannot blur the lines between what is and what isn't child abuse. when we do that we take away from the very resources that we need to help the true kids who are being victimized. >> dr. ablow makes the point if this were a public forum and had 6-year-old child on the beach and three adult women surrounding the child acting in a provocative manner that the adults would be arrested. >> right. >> they would be. >> rap is a type of. >> dr. a blow makes that specific point adults would be
11:31 pm
arrested. >> doing it on video than doing t in a public beach. >> i think this is supposed to be tongue in cheek. >> it's not tongue in cheek. >> yes it is. >> bill: how you can have a of-year-old doing anything satirical. is he just doing the rap. he doesn't know what's really happening. too young to know what this is all about. how can that be tongue and cheek. >> no difference between this and the child actor or actress performing in an r-rated movie. i just don't see it and if it is child abuse. >> bill: is that offensive to you that video by the way. >> i actually think it's humorous. >> i think it's a type of social commentary, bill. >> bill: social commentary that some parents are derelict and irresponsible to me. now, it is true, dr. ablow, that there are not laws about children acting in things like this. this doesn't break the law. and you can check it out on child and child can't act in a sex scene that is physical contact.
11:32 pm
but if there is stuff going on around the child on the video, it's not against the law. >> well, listen, physical content or contact let the lawyers debate. this this boy is holding a fallick object. shooting it. models are gyrating. talking about taking the models home and having his way with them. these parents shouldn't have parental rights. can we agree on that? >> i don't think dr. mccrary would agree with that she sees it it as a harmless exposition. >> yeah, but dr. mccrary doesn't get it let me take the doctor to school. a child this young doesn't understand erotic energy from adults. don't you get t? would you expose your on child to a video like that? >> bill: let her answer that. >> call it distasteful. call it poor judgment on the part of the parents. don't call it child abuse. child abuse, let me school you. lead me bring you back to the
11:33 pm
office. child abuse, i will tell you stories of a young girl. >> you can't protect anyone. >> her mother to. >> you can't protect anyone. >> bill: wait. i'm going to have the final word with you dr. mccari aren't you pointing to bad behavior to justify other bad behavior so we know there is worse child abuse than that this by the way i think is child abuse. i think it's emotional child abuse. i think the 6-year-old is not being served well by his parents and i don't know what the kid's future is, but it's a very disturbing situation. i don't think we can justify it by pointing to worse behavior. all right, very interesting debate, doctors, we appreciate it when we come right back is t legal on lance armstrong losing big in court. california bill that would allow children to have more than two parents? why not? why not? legal is next. well hello, welcoe to summer road trip, huh? uhuh yep uch let's find you a room. at, you'll always find the perfect hotel.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the is it legal segm s ng to prevent that from going forward. round one went against the cyclist. a texas judge, wiehl, ruled against armstrong how. >> the texas judge said look, you didn't follow the rules to armstrong's lawyers. you filed 80-page complaint much the federal rules of civil procedure are very specific. you have to be pithy, bill. get right to it what's the complaint and what's the jurisdiction. be brief in the brief and they weren't. >> bill: armstrong's lawyers said they don't have jurisdiction in texas? is that what it was? anti-doping agency? >> anti-doping agency doesn't have any kind of jurisdiction over lance armstrong at all. >> bill: anywhere. >> anywhere. he is retired. >> bill: this doping agency is a federal agency. >> quasifederal agency.
11:38 pm
>> bill: i don't know what it means. >> 5013 crmpleted company getting money from the federal government. 60% of what they do -- recognized by congress in 2000. >> bill: their mandate is what? >> basically prevent abuses within the sports world whether someone using human growth hormone, steroids, bloods recycler? >> bill: allegations against armstrong that he used these drugs while winning. >> it was a conspiracy between a team manager, trainers lance armstrong. >> bill: doesn't want the investigation, right? >> of course not. >> bill: if this is not a federal agency. >> it's not a subpoena powers thing. >> bill: they can't force armstrong to answer anything. >> let me finish. department of justice just said we are not filing any criminal charges. we the quasiagency which is recognize dollars by congress are filing these charges. >> bill: this agency could bring a civil lawsuit against
11:39 pm
lance armstrong? >> right. they could also ban him for participating i triathlons. >> bill: tour de france? we don't have any jurisdiction over there. >> we have jurisdiction over people that are on the olympics that are -- >> bill: olympics is a private race. >> bicycling is -- forget about the tour de france for a second. >> bill: that's where the agencies took place. >> it's over a period of time. >> bill: they think is he a doper and they want to expose him. >> they want to hold him accountable. they have witnesses. >> bill: do you think it will find its way into a civil court? >> yes. >> i'm cube dubious about that. >> why are you dubious? >> i think if he refiles the proper complaint. get out of it. >> agency come forward with evidence at that point. >> bill: california now. introduce a bill that children can have more than two parents of any sex, can be anybody, could be the oakland raiders could be your parents.
11:40 pm
why are they doing. this mark leno who was in fact my assembly man who lived in san francisco he was part of my district jurisdiction has put this forward because of a case that came forward to him that he thought was, you know, improper what happened with the child. two lesbians, one of them went to jail. one had a medical condition was unable to care for the child and the biological father could step in. but because he wasn't legally termed a parent, the child went to foster care, was not in a good situation. >> bill: leno who is a gay rights advocate. he wants to broaden the legal umbrella so if you are lesbians one lesbian goes to jail and the other collapsed that the surrogate father can take the child. why would you need special legislation for that? >> here is what is he saying, it applies to not only homosexual but heterosexual relationship get divorced. >> bill: another boone for the traditional family. >> they already can use the
11:41 pm
court. >> bill: we already have. this that's the point. >> bill: if you are a kid and your parents get killed in plane crash then the closest relative takes you. that's what it. >> that's the point. they are still alive. one is incarcerated and one is in the hospital. >> incapacitated come on. the statute is so limited in california that the judge couldn't do it. the judge would rather have the kid stay in foster care. >> bill: i don't believe the kid should be in foster care. >> it's not needed is the point. >> bill: i agree with guilfoyle. >> court the judge has broad discretion. >> bill: could appoint someone else in the family to be the guardian. the guardian. we don't need like 18 people to be parents. all right. finally real quick. in texas, a school principal, daughter is having trouble. >> basketball. girl in a basketball, 17-year-old girl. the principal of the mother. wendy long. she says, you know, she hides in her daughter's backpack in the -- goes in the locker room basketball. hidden camera. >> bill: to do what? >> to take video of this coach
11:42 pm
because is it a man or woman coach. >> woman coach. >> principal. >> in her daughter's backpack. >> to videotape the coach's behavior. >> privacy. >> the coach is suing the principal? >> no, this is what is happening. the principal has been suspended and has criminal charges against her for wiretapping and improper photograph for the wiretapping. she is looking at 20 years and improper photograph. she is look at 180 days. >> she will be acquitted. >> show won't get 20 years. >> guilty. >> down to a misdemeanor or something like that. >> bill: can't put a hidden camera. >> in a girl's backpack. >> there is expectation of privacy. >> bill: all right, ladies, we appreciate it very much. charles krauthammer on deck. why are so many americans getting food stamps under the obama administration? what is the why behind that? charles is going to answer that question, we hope. moments away. ♪
11:43 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. in the year 2009 food stamp program cost the federal government $17 billion. last year food stamps cost 76 billion. 17 to 76. an as strong no, ma'am call rise under the obama administration. what does this tell us? joining us from washington fox news political analyst charles krauthammer. i don't think this is all economic. you know, obama administration is going to say bad economic times, recession kicks in, people need the food. you know, going from 17 billion to 76 billion, come on, something is in play here. what is it? >> well, look, you are clearly ride. we haven't had a qualming of the -- quadrupling of the
11:47 pm
people hungry in the can you hu. that's what it was meant to be. liberalism which believes that measure of success of government is how many people are, quote, unquote, helped. sort of look at it another way. how many people it makes dependent on its administrations. and, therefore, for them this is a great success. they want to see sort of a natural american aversion to taking a handout whittle down and people aren't so proud, i guess that's the word they would use, to take aid. now, the conservative view is if your destitute, if you are really in bad shape. if you are too old to work or too young to psychiatric or just the worst luck in a world of course society has an obligation to help you. that's the safety net mentality. the idea is to free as much enterprise money energy in the free enterprise system so people can sustain themselves and those who can't you help. but the liberal idea is much more like the european social
11:48 pm
democratic idea that the role of government is to sustain you, sustain as many people as you can. to make sure there are no risks in life. all the rough edges are smooth out and that's why you get the growth of these kind of programs. >> bill: there is a difference between largess, government largess on the liberal end and really sincerely wanting to help people and a cynical calculation that the more people we hook on government perks the more people who will vote for us. it's not the same thing. so you say the obama administration where are they? are they the good people in the compassionate people or are they the cynical people? >> i think they are the good people. they are also the cynical people. there is no doubt that liberals, for example, do not want means testing in social security. now, why not? liberals say you should have progressive taxation that the
11:49 pm
rich ought to pay more and the poor less. why not have the benefits of social security, the rich get less and the poor get more, which is what conservatives have been arguing for years. but they don't want that. the reason is that they may lose political support from the people at the high end as long as it's a universal program. they will get the most support. but i will will offer a third position. it isn't only the naive and isn't only the cynical. there is something in between. liberals are the party of government. liberals are the ones who are the experts. and they sincerely believe that having the money and benefits and the resources of society distributed by them, the experts, the professors,, the political class is superior and more and better for society than if the private sector and the market, the invisible hand distributes the resources and the wealth. so that's the underlying idea. >> bill: i always ask this question to liberals who tell me that the government does have a responsibility to
11:50 pm
provide cradle to grave, even for people who don't want to work or won't cooperate whatever it may be. what is compassionate about bankrupting the united states of america? what is compassionate about driving up a debt to the extent where this country is in a precarious position economically and perhaps militarily down the road? what's compassionate about putting every citizen in danger for this pie in the sky theoretical stuff. >> i agree with you entirely. >> in the end entitlement society it's exactly where we are headed liberalism wants to head in that direction. >> bill: liberals want us to be bankrupt. >> they don't want us, they somehow imagine that the bounty of the pass will continue. they will will begin to soak the rich and pay it off. they have no understanding of what's going to happen. even though we have been given this historical gift of seeing what's happening in europe ahead of time so it's a warning. but there is a second argument
11:51 pm
sustainable. we are going to hit the wall on this especially on medical expenditures. it's also that even if it weren't unsustainable. let's assume history and it was all here. >> none the less it changes the nature of society. >> changes the fiber of the people if you are living off the government. >> bill: it weakens personal motivation. charles, i have got to run. thank you. >> okay. >> factor tip of the day in a moment. and you need to hear this one. just over two minutes away. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach.
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>> tip of the day in a moment. it's important. but first, the mail...
11:55 pm
>> nonsense, brian, the governor is scrutinized on the factor, as is every politician. we are not protecting anybody. >> at least he's not blaming bush. >> so you want me to blame president obama for the murder rate in chicago, kate? >> that sounds very compassionate, ben.
11:56 pm
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unfairly -- of being bellicose. if have you a good tip you think would help people's lives, i'll give you credit for. it we got a couple of good ones today. please, always remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely lookingute -- looking out for you. >> sean: 119 days are all that remain before you, the voter, have the opportunity to make barack obama a one-term president. now, if that election were held today, the mainstream media would have you believe this guild down to the wire because according to one brand-new poll, they say it's tied up. according to the latest poll, it is a dead heat between mitt romney and the president,
11:59 pm
receiving 47% of the vote. but i closer look at the results shows that the poll included 33% of those who identified themselves as democrats and only 24% of republicans. now, that is a 9-point margin and despite that clear advantage, a majority of americans say they disapprove of the way that president barack obama is handling three critical issues. number 1, the economy, where 54% oppose the president and only 44% support his radical tax-and-spend agenda. number 2, health care, the key domestic issue, 52% disapprove of his handling of the issue. remember, that's with a 9-point democratic advantage. on immigration reform, a mere 38% near his corner and a majority, 52% oppose the administration's rufusal to secure our borders and more telling, 63% of those polled believe that america is headed in the wrong direction and only 33% say that things are


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